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Steel Mace Yoga is an unconventional training system revolutionizing the way people around the world approach their mats. By incorporating the steel mace into a traditional yoga practice, blending both power and weighted yoga methods into one mindful practice.


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Studies have shown exercise aids in the development of the prefrontal cortex and the medial temporal cortex, which control the thought and memory process of the brain. Adding the Steel Mace into a yoga practice creates more mindfulness into movements and mechanics. The Steel Mace is a tool connecting the mind to body with movement and breath.


While there are many benefits and components to exercising improving the practitioner's physical and mental health, studies show exercise aids in the longevity of life by helping to reduce stress and anxiety which are known to cause/ contribute to cognitive impairment.



Yoga and exercise promote health in various ways. Yoga is well known for increasing flexibility, while weight training has more of a focus on muscle building. One of these forms of exercise is not superior to the other,  but rather work hand in hand. Too much yoga creates excessive joint and ligament flexibility which decreases the body’s stability. In order to bring stability back to the joint, the supporting muscles need to built up more than usual in order to compensate for stretched ligaments and joints. On the contrary,  weight training in repetition can create excessive tension and lack of mobility to muscles and joints.


In order to avoid the imbalance, adding a weighted tool such as the steel mace, to a traditional yoga practice ensures balance within the body. Steel Mace Yoga is designed specifically for increasing flexibility while simultaneously building muscle.


Additionally, yoga/ exercise helps to calm the body which contributes to an overall mood boost and quality of sleep which are two great factors in determining overall well being/ peace.



Yoga is more than improving your physique- it’s a transformative and transcendent art, aiming to aid people in their spiritual journey. Yoga helps dissolve physical and mental limitations, allowing for us to draw attention inward, connecting to the soul. The practice brings consciousness to our heart and to a place of inner stillness where the voice of the soul is most easily heard. Steel Mace Yoga calls to our inner warrior spirit, to bring strength, integrity, courage, determination and self discipline.


Energy and emotion is also a part of the soul and yoga is a mental practice to work through emotional stress and psychological changes, bringing self awareness and improving emotional health.


smy Founder

erin furry

Erin Furry is a former Onnit Academy Steel Mace and Durability Senior Coach. Erin began training alongside Erik “Esik” Melland, the founder of Viking Ninja Training . The two formed an unbreakable bond- Esik began mentoring Erin, providing her with the knowledge he has gained through training and life experience. Erin has a deep skill in understanding bodyweight, boxing, steel mace, and other various non-traditional martial arts training, which evolved into the creation and development of Steel Mace Yoga. Erin created the first ever Steel Mace Yoga curriculum in 2017.


Erin has dedicated to herself to yoga, fitness, the evolution of self + spiritual awareness, and seeks to bring these concepts into every steel mace yoga class.