Steel Mace Yoga fitness includes sequencing comprised of bodyweight movements, 
steel mace training, and restorative components.


An unconventional training system revolutionizing the way people around the world approach their mats. By incorporating the steel mace into a traditional yoga practice, Steel Mace Yoga blends both power and weighted yoga methods into one mindful practice  Use this complete practice for flexibility, mobility, to strengthening, toning, creating balance, and connection of the body, mind and breath.



An unweighted sequence of fitness movements and power yoga moves using only the body. Suitable for all fitness levels, providing resistance against gravity to ensure a great full body workout. Useful for enhancing strength, power, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance. 



An unconventional strength training tool used in the early 13the century in Persia. This tool is used in fitness to challenge rotational ranges using a closed chain activation to strengthen and tone full body as well as create new ranges of motion. Mace training dates back to when elite warriors and wrestlers would train with the heavy Gada ("steel mace") to condition their muscles for battle. The first Gada used in training were nothing more than stone attached to a bamboo staff. However, when made for battle, the Gada were often made of iron or bronze. 



Tune into yourself with this calming and rejuvenating style of training. Ideal to help muscles recover post- workout or on "off" days. Restorative training means having the ability to restore health, strength, flexibility, and mobility. Implementing a recovery program in training is essential for optimal health and improving range of motion. Steel Mace Yoga Restorative Training includes bodyweight movements and yoga poses that support decompression, stretching and mobility. You can use certain movements to warm up, cool down or create a full sequence to recover and restore.