STEEL MACE YOGA | A - Z FOLLOW ALONG TRAINING provides 26 workouts, one for each letter of the alphabet. All videos provides movements, rounds/reps, and coaching ques (written) as well as one round of follow along demonstration. 


This STEEL MACE YOGA Follow Along program has seperate Yoga Bodyweight exercise videos and Steel Mace Yoga videos programed for training with reps and rounds. The movements will challenge you physically building strength, stability, balance and even improve your mobility and flexibility. This program will also challenge you mentally by demanding mindful movement while creating deeper focus and coordination skills. Steel Mace Yoga takes Yoga and Strength Training to a deeper level for a complete full body work out.


Online Training Programs Features:

  • 26 Workouts
  • Coaching Ques (Written)
  • Follow Along Round
  • PDF File
  • Hyperlinks for Quick Video Access

SMY | A-Z Follow Along - Bodyweight/ Steel Mace Yoga

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